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Hello! My name is Renee Doric and I am a self taught jewelry artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I am a queer artist living my best life in a small Minneapolis suburb making jewelry! I have always been a maker. A creative. My world revolves around color, music, flavor, and tactile activities.

From a young age I began to make friendship bracelets and macramé jewelry for all of my friends and family. My family owned a small hobby farm in rural Northern Minnesota and money was a bit tight. I was determined to learn how to sculpt with clay. I remember the day I went into the cow pasture into the marshy area amongst the hummocks and dug through the rich soil to a layer of clay. I patiently sifted the rocks and weeds out of my lump of clay. I then conditioned the clay and made it malleable in my small 10 year old hands. I formed a head and ears, and mane. I created a horse head out of pasture clay. I then put it into the oven and baked it. I painted my first sculpture white and brown. I was so proud of myself and it turned out wonderfully.

My grandparents from each side of my family inspired me creatively. My paternal grandmother was an incredible oil paint artist. She taught me to paint when I was 7 years old. She bought me my first piano and encouraged me to flourish in bright colors and vivid sound. My maternal grandfather made agate jewelry and had what seemed like a million enormous petrified wood and quartz, amethyst, peridot gemstones in his basement. I would sit in awe in the 70’s orange velvet floral bucket chairs, that he and my grandmother upholstered, and stare at all of the incredible geodes while the rock tumbler was warbling on the nearby work table. I made up my mind that I would own my very own small jewelry business, and here I am today. I am so thankful for all of the support from my friends and family that encouraged me to do what makes me truly happy. A huge thank you to you for reading my story and for those who have adorned my jewelry, shared my work with others, and have purchased my unique handcrafted jewelry.

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